What the Heck Am I Thinking???

I love road trips, especially when it's just me in the car. Not only do I get to practice my karaoke voice, but I get to think. (Note about karaoke in the car: the way to avoid strange looks by other drivers while singing is to utilize the earpiece of the cell phone's hands-free device . It gives the illusion that you are actually engaged in a conversation with someone else).

And when I think, I'm a better decision maker. Over the weekend, I gave a verbal commitment that I would write a guidebook. I hate guidebooks. I find them overwhelming with information I won't use because when traveling, I'm on a limited time schedule. But, I'm in the minority. The traveling public loves guidebooks.

So on the way home, I began to think about what I verbally committed to. Fear shot through me and I thought of the overwhelming task of putting the project together. Then I began to cry (Note: sunglasses help hide that from other drivers). But, unlike recent tears, these were tears of relief. Relief that I've found my passion. That I'm ready to take my desire to the next level. No matter how overwhelming it may seem, I know I can do it.

After all, how do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece. And this is how I will make it happen.