Simple Inspiration

Every profession and trade has a pioneer in their field who they try to aspire to. For me, that person is Arthur Frommer. The former GI who was stationed in Europe during WWII and took advantage of free Air Force flights once a week to travel and experience Europe. He was out to share what he learned with fellow GI's when he wrote and self-published "Europe on $5 Per Day." That was 1957.

This morning, I was one of 40 students of the Society of American Travel Writers Institute for Travel Writing and Photography listening and querying this low-key, inspirational person. I'll spare the details of his talk, but, it was energizing to see where good values and ethics can lead you. His presentation was followed by a full day of more delicious ideas and concepts, presented by experienced travel writing professionals.

This weekend has been the spark to the kindling that has been smoldering in me.