Life Investment

For some reason, I'm a bad investor. Not just financially, but with people. Not all people, but some. All of my life I learned that if you invest in something (or someone) you believe in, one day you will be rewarded. Isn't that why we are trained to hand over funds into a 401K? In my naive thinking, I believed this.

Guess I should have learned after 9/11 when people lost their life savings in the investment world. In some ways, 9/11 was a wake up call for me and I made life-altering decisions, not only for me but for others. I cut my losses.

But when bad habits aren't corrected, the pattern repeats itself. And this is where I am today. Needing to cut my investment losses - because I'm emotionally tapped and have been continually investing without any return. Logically, I know I need to, my head is telling me so. However, my heart and gut conflict with what my head is telling me. I've never followed my heart and I need to determine if now is the time that I do so.