Jenny's Lost Her Groove

I know what a bad day feels like. It's when nothing goes in my favor, including humid-hating, out of control hair. My bad day began sometime in January and hasn't gotten much better.

It feels as though my life has been out of sync. That I just can't get things coordinated, bills paid in a timely manner, on time to appointments. I've been rejected on so many levels and am struggling to cope with it all. The biggest rejection is from myself.

I'm being priced out of Sarasota, I can't afford to buy anything. "Coulda, woulda, shoulda" four years ago, but I didn't. But, being the trendsetter that I am, I'm living with my uncle and his two, pre-teen boys. Yes, I'm redefining the extended family, like the Mexican immigrants are doing. (Note: I have my own living quarters and entryway, so I'm basically renting an apartment; and, I do love our Mexican immigrants. They are the backbone of America, stepping up to jobs that lazy Americans won't take, similar to the Irish immigration of the early 1900's; who I'm a bit impartial to.).

JC Penney's has been my saving grace. Their clothing lines are the equivalent of adult Grr-Animals, easy to coordinate separates for the fashion-challenged like me. I put my hair up, throw on some groovy threads and look grrrreat.

So here I sit, a regular at the Starbucks in the local Barnes & Noble, sipping a Tazo something so I can access the Internet. I'm surrounded by anxious teenagers ready to grow up. My advice to them: slow down and "carpe diem".

And if you find my groove, can you send it my way? Much appreciated.