"C" Is for Cancer

My aunt was about 35 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer so I shouldn't be surprised when my doctor told me today that I may have skin cancer. It was coincidence that I started removing one of the moles with a Bic Razor in the shower. The doctor finished the job with a scalpel by nicking off a piece of my ear and some suspicous moles under my arm, placed them in petite, little jars (which, by the way, would be perfect for storing glass beads) and sent them off to the lab. I'll know within 10 days the verdict. She also gave me the good news that a medication she gave me six months ago is now linked to lymphoma. I'm sure everything will be fine. In the mean time, I have a huge bandage on my ear and tell curious inquirers that I'm hiding a new piercing I acquired in New York this past weekend.

UPDATE: May 23, 2005~ For those wondering, I received word that my moles are cancer free.