Breakfast with Eight Legs ~ Nothing Philosophical

I share my bathroom with an ugly, reddish-brown spider. Now, maybe in the spider world she’s pretty, but in my world, she’s scary. She makes appearances every so often but I never figured out where she lives. Sometimes, she greets me in the morning by peering out behind the door jam then darts away upon making eye contact. But most times, she’s lurking in the shower. I’m always concerned that she’ll show up in my towel or worse yet, embedded in my shower scrubby.

This morning, I witnessed her taking in breakfast. Her cobwebs glistened in the morning light from the dewiness of the shower. An innocent housefly ended up tangled in the delicately-deceiving web. It was as though his hairy little legs rang the dinner bell. She gracefully descended out of the window frame, quickly wrapped him in a cocoon and hoisted him up to the window frame where all but her lanky legs disappeared to. A few seconds later, she descended again to see how her victim was progressing into his untimely sleep, wrapping eight spindly legs around him, then disappearing again.

“Circle of life,” I thought. “Hmmm. Do I need to complete it by having spider for breakfast?” And with that thought, I finished getting ready for work.