With Age Comes Wisdom

Yes, I'm still around. Tales are waiting to be written and I promise to update my Japan journey, too. Exact dates as to when this promise will be delivered: unknown.

Life right now is not what I envisioned it to be when I was looking ahead six months ago. I won't bore you with the details, but life is OK. Some days are better than others. I'm chugging along. Good thing is, I can still go into the Gap and wear something off the rack, so my body hasn't gotten too out of control. However, I haven't achieved my goal dress size so my bellybutton still lacks a piercing.

My 35th birthday is around the corner and I'm viewing it as a milestone. I'll soon be bumped up into another marketing demographic, the 35 - 55 range. I feel old. I didn't have trouble turning 30, maybe it was because I was married; perhaps it was the DEET I needed to survive the Everglades that clouded my judgment; or, maybe I was distracted by the practical, Palm Pilot I received as a gift vs. the string of pearls I wanted (and maybe that's why I'm not married).

But 35 seems different. I'm halfway to 70 (Sidebar: I heard a recent survey stating that 80 is considered old). I can remember my parents when they were 35. Do I have the knowledge that they had at that age (or the perceived knowledge)? Do I want to be 20-something again? Well, not exactly. Only if I could take the knowledge and experiences that I've accumulated up to this point and apply it to being 20-something.

What are my birthday plans? Some people jump off bridges wearing rubber bands strapped to their legs or drop from the sky wearing a nylon parachute for these momentous occasions. (Sidebar: may I remind you that women wear pantyhose; pantyhose are made from nylon - ladies, can you wear a pair of pantyhose without getting a run? Need I say more?). I'd like to swing on the trapeze:

What's next, you ask? I'm taking some writing classes and plan to launch a travel blog,
http://www.wanderingwoman.com/, by Dec. 1. As you've guessed, I'm still pursuing writing and have had a couple of stories published. I'd like to continue focusing on that craft. In regards to travel, business will take me to Chicago and New York over the next few weeks. Central and/or South America are places I'd like to visit on holiday this fall. Importantly, I'm working on being me.

In college, Dead Poets Society became a favorite movie of mine (after college, Reality Bites became a favorite). "Carpe diem" is still close to me and continues to be my mantra (for those of you who saw the movie, know what I'm saying. For those of you that didn't, well, just Google it).

On a final note, to all of you reading this, know that you continue to inspire me in some way. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Girlfriend, you are something else. And I'm saying that in a positive way. Get down to business and write a book. You have talent!

Love you.