Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buh-Bye Dorm Futon, Hello Modern Furniture

Is it time to ditch the college dorm-type furniture for grownup, Modern Furniture? My friend ZeldaMae thinks so. Today is my 3-month anniversary in the new job and new digs and when ZeldaMae helped me move in (which she said was the last time she'd help me move), she convinced me I need to focus on getting a nice piece of furniture. My dream? An excessive, buttery-soft, red leather sofa.

To help me achieve this acquisition of Modern Furniture, ZeldaMae found a photo of a red leather sofa in some random newspaper insert. She instructed me to post it in plain view so I could visualize it then work towards making the vision reality. But, I have commitment-phobia. Like getting married (again) or buying a house, purchasing a nice, big piece of Modern Furniture means I'd be financially committed for a period of time and will have to think about moving it wherever I move next (from an apartment to something I own).


Acquiring a gorgeous piece of Modern Furniture is a big step so I ask you. Take a look at my comfortable futon, there's nothing wrong with it, is there?


downtown guy said...

Leather sofas sound like a great idea until you sleep on one.

lizzy said...

its time

cwac said...

Yeah - I think it is too. Just save the money from the car payment you don't have for a while!

Anonymous said...

let's see, how many trips could you take for the price of the sofa? which is more important to you? (then again, this "advice" comes from a 60-year-old woman who can fit everything she owns into a short-bed pickup. BUT...a 60-year-old woman who moved to mexico!)

Anonymous said...

I dearly hated to walk away from Keith's really comfy futon, just like yours but with Southwestern fabric. It was the greatest, and if we weren't walking away from an entire household of furniture, it would have been hard to let go. Collegiate or not.

I am totally with anon here, how many trips could you take for the price of that red leather sofa?

JA Huber said...

Decisions, decisions. Suppose I'll wait 'til I'm here a year before deciding. Commitment is so hard!