Monday, June 09, 2008

My Tips for a Girlfriend Getaway to New Orleans

Looking for a girlfriend getaway idea? How about New Orleans? Check out my latest article simply called, "Girlfriend Getaway to New Orleans: Weekend Travel Guide to the Big Easy."

What tips do I offer in this article?
  • Funky shops
  • Smooth jazz
  • Good eats
  • Enjoying the local culture
I have to admit, I got the idea of writing this from Pauline Frommer during the Atlanta Travel Expo this past April. She was asked to suggest a girlfriend getaway and she suggested New Orleans (after scolding girlfriend getaway focused magazines for just focusing on shopping and spas - amen! - although, I had to throw some shopping into my New Orleans article, but you'll see, these aren't your run of the mill shops).

Looking for other girlfriend getaway destinations? Give these a try:
Homestead, Fla.
Seaside, Fla.

And, I promise more girlfriend getaways are coming soon!

Oh, the video! Took this while in New Orleans this past April, for the Tourism Cares project. Don't ya just love street performers?

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