Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quarters, Dimes, Nickels & Pennies: Change is Good

As I was rummaging through my car this evening to find enough quarters for laundry, I realized how I am able adapt to different situations. Having been aware of my financial debts and having a goal of being debt-free within the next couple of years, I'm being more financially responsible, so to say. I'm excited about 50% off Mondays at Goodwill, packing a PB&J to lunch each day vs. going out (like I used to) and finally listening to my father when he said, "turn off the lights."

I'm not giving up on all of my vices and luxuries, but I want to treat them as that. We've become such an indispensable society. I don't know of any other society that has so much "stuff" for consumers to buy and people have so much "stuff." I'm guilty of having "stuff" and purged a lot of it during a garage sale a few months back. Rummaging through flea markets I see people's "stuff" for sale and think, "what ever possessed them to purchase that to begin with?" I think about when I die, I'm going to be leaving "stuff" behind and what is going to happen to it? Will some one care for it and admire it as I had? Probably not.

Today was the first full-day of my new job. I love it and can't believe that I've been so lucky to land a position with this company. Everyone smiles around the office and are genuinely happy - I don't think any Koolaid has been involved.

Tonight was the second belly dance class and my two left feet caught up with me. Oh, well. It's all in the moves.

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